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Use Your Audio Video Systems to Think Outside the Box

Heineken promotion showcases creative use for audio video technology. What can audio video technology do in your sports bar or restaurant?

INFOCOMM 2012 Video: Brightsign

See how you can save money with this all-in-one digital signage solution from Bright Sign. You won’t believe all the features in this solid state media player and software package. Watch this video to decide if it’s time to take the signage in your restaurant, sports bar, or hotel to the next level.

Drive Sales and Grow Your Business with Today’s Audio Video Technology

January 30th, 2012 Posted by in Blog, Commercial Audiovisual Systems, Digital Signage

Even with signs of economic recovery, there’s no doubt today’s hospitality arenas are competitive. How do you set yourself apart? For many New York hotels, sports bars or restaurants, the answer lies in audio video solutions. But investing in the right audiovisual equipment to create a “Wow” experience for your guests can be expensive; how […]

Tightrope Media Stands Out with Broadcast and Digital Signage Technology

November 14th, 2011 Posted by in Blog, Commercial Audiovisual Systems, Digital Signage

JD Systems would like to congratulate our distribution partners Tightrope Media Systems for their 2011 STAR (Superior Technology Award Recipient Award, an honor given by the editorial staff of TV Technology Europe magazine at the 2011 IBC convention. Tightrope’s ZEPLAY, an instant replays platform, took home the award as an example of technology designed to […]

3 Must-Haves for Effective Digital Signage Content

Wondering if it’s time to deploy digital signage in your venue? More and more hotels, restaurants, and ultra-lounges are using digital signage to engage their visitors. But, as with any technology, content is king. It doesn’t matter how good the sound system is if the DJ doesn’t have a feel for the crowd. And your […]