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Everything Hospitality Owners Need to Know About the 4K Revolution

As 4K screens drop in price, more customers will buy them for their homes. As people grow accustomed to seeing 4K in their living room, the HD screens in your nightclub or sports bar will start to look as outdated as CRT televisions did five years ago.

Top CES Trends That Affect Nightclub and Bar Owners

CES gives the general public and tech media a close-up look at all the latest consumer technology. Could any of these screens find a place in your hospitality venue?

Four Money-Saving Video System Secrets for Your Sports Bar

February 7th, 2014 Posted by in Blog, DirecTV, HDTV screens, New York Sports Bars, Video Systems

Did this title catch your attention? I bet it did, since every business owner is always looking to save money. And after this weekend’s anti-climactic Super Bowl game, everyone could use some good news, right? Maybe thinking about an audio video upgrade in your sports bar will cheer you up. Those new, giant flat screens. […]

HD Depravity

June 19th, 2013 Posted by in Blog, HDTV screens

There is so much in our life that we all take for granted. Such things are only noticed when they are no longer available. Now, in a world with horrors happening at every moment, in every part of our life, I almost feel guilty speaking of such a miniscule absence which I experienced during my […]

How to Buy the Right Video Matrix for Your New York Venue

Here at JD Systems, every audio visual integration project we do is different. (That’s what makes our jobs so exciting!) Let’s say you’re a New York bar, restaurant or nightclub owner. You might call us and say that you want “a system as good as Joe’s down the street.” Well, guess what? Joe’s systems works […]