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Is Your New York Sports Bar Ready for the Super Bowl?

Know how to draw a crowd to your sports bar for Super Bowl Sunday with the right audio visual systems technology.

JD Systems Featured in Commercial Integrator

Once again, JD Systems heads out of an amazing September with a great sense of accomplishment. From hanging additional screens and projection systems for some of our regular New York and New Jersey sports bar and restaurant clients to the complete design and installation of a new Crestron control system, we’ve been busy this month. […]

What Audio Visual Services Do You Need?

If you’re considering upgrading your audio visual services and think you need professional help … well, you’re probably right. Today’s technology is advancing at light speed. Not only are there more options than ever before when it comes to selecting audio visual equipment, there are significant choices to consider when you decide who will help […]

AV Systems Integration Trends: The Video Matrix

The hospitality industry is booming with technological advances that help create the right atmosphere in any venue and give guests something better than the entertainment experience they can get at home. These ideas often come from the minds of the audio visual consultant, working with the hospitality owner to determine exactly what will make their […]

Audiovisual Systems Installation: Should You Go with the Lowest Bidder?

If you believe the media, one week we’re in economic recovery and the next, times are hard again. Regardless of your own personal financial situation, your philosophy probably falls into one of two camps: – You get what you pay for… low-cost = low quality. – You’re always looking for the best deal. Why pay […]