Control Systems Integration

The seamless audio visual experience that greets guests in nightclubs, restaurants, sports bars, ultra-lounges, and hotels stems from the right audiovisual control systems installed by the right New York control systems integration specialist.

JD Systems is partnered with some of the best brands in audio, video, lighting and HVAC control systems, including Crestron, URC, and AMX, to provide our customers with choices to find the control systems that will meet their needs.

An audiovisual control system permits you to control all the technology systems in your venue from one (or more) central locations, or from anywhere you happen to be using an iPad or other mobile device. Control is at the tips of your fingers with your choice of user-friendly, intuitive touch screen controllers:

  • wall-mounted controllers
  • hand-held controllers
  • control through a touch screen monitor in a main equipment or control room
  • iPad, tablet or smartphone control

Control systems like Crestron permit intuitive control of zoned audio, video and lighting systems. Keep the lights low and the music loud in your venue’s nightclub, while the music stays low and the lights stay on in the restaurant. Change the volume, lighting and even what screens are on which channels based on the time of day. Reduce your electric bills, too, by programming your technology systems to turn off automatically, or with the touch of one button, at night.


Trust Professionals to Program Your Control Systems

Today’s audiovisual control systems are all about providing the maximum flexibility, ease-of-use, and energy savings. But all this doesn’t come easily.

A control system is a sensitive piece of technology that requires experienced programmers to set it up right. Once integrated, it should perform as expected, giving end-users the ultimate control over their systems with just a few quick training sessions. If a control system has been programmed correctly, all you need to do is know which buttons to touch to make it all happen.

More and more, control systems are becoming a significant part of every audiovisual systems installation. We can program and install your Crestron or AMX control system as part of your AV systems integration and train your key personnel to use the system to adjust lights, audio, switch sources, and turn everything off and on.


We’ll Connect You with the Internet of Things

If you’ve been researching technology systems, you’ve no doubt heard of the Internet of Things. But you may not know exactly what it is. Essentially, any Internet-connected device designed to communicate with another Internet-connected device is considered to be part of the IoT. If it has an IP address, it could be part of the IoT. 

Some control systems sit on their own wireless mesh network or a hardwired Ethernet network, so you don’t have to worry about security or bandwidth. Other systems, though, operate through your venue’s wireless network, which means there are security, bandwidth and infrastructure concerns. 

At JD Systems, we know our way around the network and will ensure you have the appropriate bandwidth and security protocols so that your control system can live on your network safely. You don’t want to leave these kind of mission critical systems to just anyone – you want a licensed, trained and certified installer to integrate and manage your commercial control systems. 

Contact JD Systems now to get connected with the best control systems for your venue.