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Commercial, Consumer or Hybrid: Understanding HDTV Screens Before You Make a Choice

You might be seeing all those advertisements for low-cost HDTV screens again — March and April are one of the bet times to buy a residential HDTV screen as stores hold “tax refund” sales to entice customers. But if you’re evaluating HDTV screens for a video upgrade in your venue, you might be confused by […]

Hey, Why Do These HDTV Displays Cost More?

“But my wife saw a 42-inch HDTV monitor for less than $500 at Wal-mart yesterday. Why can’t I just buy a bunch of those for my restaurant?” We can’t tell you how many times we hear this, especially during the months of November through January, and again in March and April, when home electronics are […]

Electric Mirror In-Mirror Display: Never Miss a Minute of the Game

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. You think there’s a lull in the action. There’s one man on base and the Yankees are behind by three. They’re not catching up with this at-bat, no matter what happens. But there’s nobody out, and you just can’t wait, so you head to the bathroom. And there […]