Lost Day Club at Tiki Island featured on CommunityPro.com

JD Systems, Inc. of Staten Island, NY designed and installed the Lost DayClub’s new audio system.

Why You Shouldn’t Hang Screens from Best Buy In Your Church or School

In the interests of consumer education – and maybe saving you some hassles if you’re looking at church video upgrades -- we want to show you exactly why it's a bad idea to hang consumer LED screens in your house of worship.

7 Questions to Ask Before Your Church Easter Service

Ask yourself, and your tech team and worship leaders, these questions make sure your church audio video systems are in the best shape for Easter Sunday.

New Audio Video Systems Make it Real in NRG Training Room

Crestron control and an interactive whiteboard make training more impactful for NRG personnel.

JD Systems Offers Roomzilla Meeting Room Reservation System

There’s no doubt room scheduling and meeting room reservation software can make life easier for anyone working in a corporate environment or a higher education facility.

Take Inventory of Your Church Sound and Video Systems

Now that your Christmas mass or pageant is over, whether it was a simple service, a living Christmas tree or a Broadway-style event, you may have noticed a few bugs in your church audio and video systems.

Renaissance Hotel Rings in the New Year with Fresh Audio Systems

We're very grateful that JD Systems was chosen to revamp the audio systems in the main event room of the Renaissance Hotel in Times Square.

Happy New Year from JD Systems AV

Here at JD Systems AV, like so many others, we’re spending time evaluating, focusing, and planning for 2016.

What Makes a Great Sports Bar?

Everyone seemed to agree, however, that a blaring sound system and screaming DJ was a complete turn-off for their game day experience.

Attract Soccer Fans to your Sports Bar with the Right Audio Video Systems

We’re as happy as anyone to see European Football reach the American mainstream. When you start to recognize the profit potential for your sports bar, you’ll be happy, too.

Support Small Business When the Quality of Work Matters

When you vote in the Mission Main Street Grants program, you’re sending an important message that small businesses matter. Shopping local matters. Choosing a company not based on pricing but based on quality, matters.

Do You Need 4K In Your Boardroom Or Classroom?

Are you upgrading the video systems in your corporate boardroom, classroom, lecture hall or theater? If you’ve done any research, you may be grappling with the question: “Do I need to invest in 4K screens?”

Everything Hospitality Owners Need to Know About the 4K Revolution

As 4K screens drop in price, more customers will buy them for their homes. As people grow accustomed to seeing 4K in their living room, the HD screens in your nightclub or sports bar will start to look as outdated as CRT televisions did five years ago.

Are You Looking for Black Friday Deals?

Before you pick up that non-commercial flat screen from your local warehouse club or big box and try to hang it yourself on a wall mount just barely designed for a TV that size, we’d like you to think about a few things.

What Is Your Handshake Worth?

The little guys want your business. They will not let you down. Their handshake means something.

Legalized Football Gambling Could Change the Game for Sports Bar Owners

Legalized sports gambling in select Jersey venues changes the game for sports bar owners.

Olympics Filmed in 8K: Can You Keep Up?

The Winter Olympics in Sochi were filmed in 8K. What's next in tech for sports bar owners?

5 Signs Your Corporate Boardroom Needs an Audio Video Upgrade

Is your business getting a tax refund this spring? It might be time to consider spending that money on an audio video upgrade for your corporate boardroom.

Top CES Trends That Affect Nightclub and Bar Owners

CES gives the general public and tech media a close-up look at all the latest consumer technology. Could any of these screens find a place in your hospitality venue?

JD Systems Digs In to New Video System Integration at Dugout Pub West

Sports fans in our little corner of Staten Island have another great place to enjoy wings, beer and the game, with video systems designed and installed by local audio video integrator JD Systems.

Gear Up Now For Your Church’s Easter Pageant

Most churches start thinking about and planning their Easter production shortly after Christmas. Do you need an audio video upgrade before the big event?

Three Places You Shouldn’t Skimp On Your Audio Video Systems

A professional audio video integrator will help you spend money in the right places for your sports bar, nightclub or restaurant. We’re not the place you go for the cheapest prices. If your crowd doesn’t care, if your customers say, “We’ve got cheap wings, beer and a TV,” then I’m not the audio video integrator for you.

Why Did Plasma Die?

If you’re in the market for plasma, you still have choices from top HDTV manufacturers like LG and Samsung.

Sports Bar Owners: What’s the Best Sport in the World?

Are some bar owners missing out on a hidden opportunity? Are there really that many people who would come out to watch professional wrestling?

Repair or Replace: What to Do with Aging Audio Visual Gear?

it’s not always easy to know you’re making the right choice when it comes to replacing audio or video equipment. Audio visual integrator JD Systems helps you sort it out.

Digital Signage Helps Stop Staten Island Shoplifters

Technology is deployed to help people see song lyrics in their local church or find their way around a community college. Audio visual systems solve problems, increase security, and create happier, safer workplaces.

Use Your Audio Video Systems to Think Outside the Box

Heineken promotion showcases creative use for audio video technology. What can audio video technology do in your sports bar or restaurant?

Your Comprehensive Guide to Planning the Perfect Super Bowl Party

JD Pro, expert home theater design consultant, provides the comprehensive guide to throwing the perfect Super Bowl party.

The Best Place to Spend Super Bowl Sunday

New Jersey is limiting your options for getting to the Super Bowl. Why not celebrate at home with a new HDTV screen, some food and friends?

Being Honest About Your Corporate Audio Visual Budget

How do you determine your budget for an audio visual integration project in a corporate venue, retail outlet or house of worship?

F.C. Gotham: New York Sports Fans Have a New Superhero

J.D. Systems Pop Quiz:
The F.C. in F.C. Gotham stands for:

  • First class
  • Full color
  • Freakin’ cool
  • Football club
  • *Read on to find out.)

The Many Faces of JD Pro: How Can We Help You?

We’re still the “JD” you’ve always known, only better equipped to serve all of Staten Island and New York for their residential and commercial audio visual needs.

“What’s The Audio Visual Budget For Your New Restaurant or Sports Bar?”

Your sports bar or restaurant needs an audio video system. But you don’t have to break the bank to get the quality and functionality you need.

Should You Find an Audio Visual Integrator Who Takes a Cross-brand Approach?

JD Pro shares the secrets to successful audio visual systems design, including a willingness to take a cross-brand approach when it's necessary to get the best equipment at the best prices.

Lightning Strikes for JD Systems in Sound & Communications

JD Pro gives Our Lady of Pompeii Catholic Church Brooklyn, New York, a new sound system on a limited budget.

Countdown to Super Bowl Sunday with JD Systems

With less than 2 months until Super Bowl Sunday, are your New York sports bar's audio video systems ready for the crowds?

JD Systems and Sound Attitude Celebrate Pre-Grand Opening of Retail Location

JD Systems celebrates the opening of its retail division, Sound Attitude, and prepares for the holiday shopping season. Find the best gifts for audio and video enthusiasts on your list.

Staten Island Celebrates Sound Attitude Pre-Grand Opening

Sound Attitude retail location opens with fanfare in Staten Island, New York, designed for audio visual and home theater enthusiasts and do-it-yourselfers.

Authorized DirecTV Installers

DirecTV offers more choices for your favorite sports, movies and music television programming.

Infographic: Super Bowl Tix or New Home Theatre?

Superbowl or Bust? Is it worth it to get tickets to the biggest New York sporting event of the year or should you spring for a new home theater?

Where Are You $pending Super Bowl Sunday?

Meadowlands or bust? You may want to rethink where you'll be spending Super Bowl Sunday after you read these stats from JD Pro on the price of a high quality home theater system v. Super Bowl tickets.

Is Your New York Sports Bar Ready for the Super Bowl?

Know how to draw a crowd to your sports bar for Super Bowl Sunday with the right audio visual systems technology.

How the Right Conference Room Audio Visual Systems Can Save You Money

High-end, high definition video conference equipment can save your business a ton on travel costs. Talk to an audio visual integrator in New York to find out how.

Have You Had Rock Solid Audiovisual Systems All Summer?

Are your New York sports bar's audio visual systems ready for the Labor Day party and football season? Let the pros at JD Systems help you figure it out.

Distortion Hurts: Why Finding the Right Sound System Matters

What's that noise? Sound distortion can ruin the night at your favorite nightclub or sports bar. With the right sound system, it doesn't have to.

Hurricane Sandy Relief for Staten Island

Staten Islanders unite in Hurricane Sandy Relief. JD Systems supports the Carl V. Bini Memorial Fund - Sandy Relief fund, a 501C not-for-profit accepting donations now.

The Day of the Week to Get the Best Deal on an HDTV

Insider tips to get the best price on an LED or plasma HDTV screen.

New Year, New Audio Video Systems?

Celebrate 2012 by making the commitment to upgrade the audiovisual systems in your hospitality venue!

JD Systems Makes the Cover

JD Systems earned the cover of Sound & Communications AGAIN! with this installation at Central Park Sports Bar.

JD Systems Video Blogs…Coming Soon!

Check out the launch of our Video Blogs starting with InfoComm 2011.

JD Systems Celebrates Earth Week

JD Systems audiovisual installer celebrates Earth Week with information about green AV technology.

Digital Signage Catches Eyes at the Staten Island Green & Clean Expo

JD Pro "wows" attendees with digital signage display at the Staten Island Green and Clean Expo.

Time-Saving Construction Tips for NY & NJ Nightclubs and Bars

Hire your audio video installer for your New York nightclub or sports bar project before you begin construction.

Authorized Crestron Dealer

Here at JD Pro, we pride ourselves on white glove service and support for our residential and commercial customers, along with our ability to provide the right products for every audio video and systems control application.

JD Systems Goes Green (And Clean!)

Newsflash: That new flat panel HDTV not only looks great in your family room and saves space -- it's also way more energy efficient than that old tube TV that needed three people to carry it out to the curb.

NYC and NJ Nightclub and Sports Bar Owners:Time to Escape the Snow?

JD Systems provides experts audio video consultations to nightclub, ultra-lounge and sports bar customers in the Staten Island, New York City and New Jersey areas.

Sharp 32-inch LCD + Install: $695

Getting a new HDTV for Christmas? Missed Black Friday sales? There’s still time to get a great deal on a brand-name, flat screen LCD TV.

Samsung 42-inch LCD + Install: $995

Getting a new HDTV for Christmas? Missed Black Friday sales? There’s still time to get a great deal on a brand-name, flat screen LCD TV.

Toshiba 55-inch LCD + Install: $1495

Getting a new HDTV for Christmas? Missed Black Friday sales? There’s still time to get a great deal on a brand-name, flat screen LCD TV.

Fine Dining Meets Hardcore Sports

JD Systems completed an audio visual design and installation including a Stardraw Control System and 68 HDTV screens, plus projection systems and sound reinforcement at 200 Fifth Restaurant and Bar.

View the Stardraw Case Study >

JD Systems Live On the Air!

JD Pro's Jonathan Joyce shed light on the mysteries of home theatre when he appeared on Blog Talk Radio's fastest growing technology podcast, Technical Tidbits with Debbie Mahler.

Hear it on-demand now! >

Missed the Black Friday Sales? Start the New Year with a New HDTV

Getting a new HDTV for Christmas? Missed Black Friday sales? There's still time to get a great deal on a brand-name, flat screen LCD TV...

Sound & Communications Spotlights AudioVisual Systems at Park East

JD Systems earned the cover of Sound & Communications with this installation at Park East Sports Bar.

Training With Intelligence

As Technology becomes a major part of every day life, custom automation is used to assist with simulation and training in many corporate and educational institutions. This automated system, powered by Crestron, was designed and built for NRG energy facility in Staten Island, New York. Contact us for a free estimate.

Transparent Sound

St. Joseph's Church in Staten Island, New York, needed a transparent sound system. A streamlined JBL line array powered by Crown amps blends in perfectly with the architecture in the house of worship. View even more inspiring photos here!

Tired of Wires?

This custom LED screen installation uses a unique, space-saving design to fit in with custom cabinetry work in a customer's suburban New Jersey kitchen. A hidden cable box and IR repeater remote control save counter space. See more custom installations here!

Bring the Movies Home

Custom cabinetry contains the components for a cinema system rivaling the latest multiplex. The owners of this Marlboro, New Jersey home opted for a 55-inch LED from Samsung, nearly invisible ceiling speakers, and a custom-programmed RF remote control. Click here to create your own dream theatre!

S & C Magazine Feature

JD Systems earned the cover of Sound & Communications with this installation at Park East Sports Bar.

Streamline Your Living Space

Today's LED, LCD and Plasma screens screens blend in to any decor and help you create different, more exciting focal points in the room.