Church Sound and Video

Not every audio visual integrator understands the technology that goes into today’s sophisticated church sound and video systems or the unique needs of the church market. The team at Dara AV has designed and installed church audio visual systems for historic Catholic cathedrals, contemporary Christian churches, and everything in between for the past 15 years. If you’re a technical director, or the decision-maker in a church without a technical staff, finding a church AV installer you can trust to design and install your new church sound and video systems can be overwhelming. At Dara AV , we’ve developed an outstanding reputation with Staten Island churches and houses of worship across the New York Tri-State area. And we maintain that reputation with our words and actions.

We Won’t Oversell You on Church Sound and Video Systems You Don’t Need

We don’t want to sell you a bill of goods you don’t need. We won’t force you to “future-proof” your church sound and video systems if they will be too complicated, too hard to use, or too expensive for your budget. If your system doesn’t need all the bells and whistles, we won’t sell them to you. On the other hand, if you need systems for a 1,000-plus-seat mega church with contemporary worship and you want larger-than-life church LED screens and concert quality sound, we can deliver. We will help you pinpoint exactly what you need to accomplish through technology, and then specify the best equipment we can find within your budget. Your new technology systems will provide the experience your worshippers deserve every weekend.

DARA AV Understands Worship

Dara AV owner Jak Daragjati was raised a practicing Catholic, attending church every Sunday in Staten Island and even graduating from the Catholic school system. He maintains his faith and his church attendance, as his travel schedule permits, now. You don’t have to practice religion to design and install church sound and video systems, but it helps when it comes to understanding what today’s worshippers want from their Sunday morning experience. Jak’s travel across the country, where he often takes in local worship services, give him unique insight into the varying needs of churches across the country. No two churches are created equal, and church leaders shouldn’t settle for cookie-cutter technology designs.

The Best Technology Brands for Your House of Worship

There is one area Dara AV remains purely agnostic: selecting the right brands for your church.

Dara AV has access to a broad array of top audiovisual brands, including Community Professional, JBL, Crown, Crestron, Samsung, LG, and many others. We will go above and beyond to find the right products for your church application.

We will find the products that fit your house of worship’s unique needs and your budget.

Are you ready to elevate the worship experience in your church with sound, video, and lighting technology by Dara AV?