Control Systems Integration

It takes more than speakers and screens to create a seamless audiovisual experience. The right audiovisual control system brings it all together.

Your control system is the heart of your commercial AV system. You want it to be robust, reliable, and intuitive to use.

Dara AV partners with some of the best brands in audio, video, lighting and HVAC control systems, including Crestron, URC, and AMX, to provide our customers with choices to find the right control system to meet their needs.

An audiovisual control system gives you control over all the technology systems in your venue from one (or more) central locations, or from anywhere you happen to be through a mobile app.


Trust Professionals to Program Your Control Systems

Today’s audiovisual control systems provide flexibility, ease-of-use, and energy savings. But all this doesn’t come easily.

You need control system experts to program your system with the capabilities you need. At Dara AV, we are Crestron-certified with CTS-D credentials. That means we’ve gone through hours of education courses at Crestron’s Rockleigh, NJ, headquarters to become experts in the field.

Once integrated, your Crestron system will give you the ultimate control over the technology in your space with just a few quick training sessions. If a control system has been programmed correctly, (and it will be if you trust Dara AV to do it!) all you need to do is know which buttons to touch to make it happen.

Put the Power of AV Control in Your Hands

We can program and install your Crestron or AMX control system as part of your AV systems integration and train your key personnel to use the system to adjust lighting, adjust volume and sources on your audio, switch video sources, and turn everything off and on. We can program certain actions to take place based on time-of-day or set scenes to create the perfect atmosphere in your venue at any time. It all depends upon your needs.

Whether you are concerned about energy savings or just want the convenience of controlling all your technology systems with one touch, the right control system gives you the power. You’ll love the flexibility and freedom the right control systems offer your organization.

Contact Dara AV today to find out how we can help you bring your house of worship, school, retail establishment, or corporate facility into the era of smart technology for greater productivity, energy savings, and seamless operations.