Low-Voltage Lighting and LED Light Control

Low-voltage lighting design and LED light control are integral parts of the professional technology systems in today’s churches, schools, restaurants and hospitality venues, retail stores, and corporate facilities.

Today’s low-voltage LED lighting systems are more energy efficient, flexible, and dynamic than lighting systems of the past. There are more ways than ever to use lighting to set a mood, tell a story, or showcase your venue in its best light.

Whether you need an architectural lighting upgrade to improve visibility and energy efficiency in your office or school, or theatrical lighting to complement your new church sound and video systems, Dara AV delivers.

Set Your Venue Apart with the Right LED Lighting and Lighting Control Systems

The right lighting helps create an ambiance that can change as your customers’ needs change. From a local pub that transforms to a concert venue in the evening, or a church that needs different lighting for Sunday services, Christmas pageants, or weddings, today’s best lighting systems are all about flexibility.

LED rope lights and LED strip lights can set the scene in hospitality venues. Color-changing LEDs can help you set the mood for special events, decorate for the holidays, and completely change the vibe of your restaurant or catering hall depending on the time of day.

Architectural and theatrical church lighting work together with your church sound and video to help engage your audience.

Tunable white LEDs in office spaces, healthcare settings and educational facilities have been shown to improve health and productivity for workers and students, while offering the flexible control today’s facilities and corporate headquarters need.

LED lighting design can change the way we work, play, and feel, and should be considered a critical part of any technology upgrade or installation.

Decades of Experience in LED Lighting across Staten Island and NYC

The best lighting designs require creativity, technical knowledge, and access to the best commercial lighting brands, including Illuminarc, WAC Lighting, SIRS Electronics, Nicolaudie Architectural Control, and more.

Dara AV works with these top commercial lighting products, and others, to deliver the systems you need for any venue.

With decades of experience in stage lighting, theatrical lighting, and DJ lighting in New York City’s top clubs and ultra-lounges, Dara AV can bring your facility into the future and set it apart with the latest in low-voltage lighting systems and high-tech yet easy to use LED light control.

The Lighting Design You Need – The Service You Expect

Dara AV is a certified and insured installer of low-voltage lighting, audio, video, and control systems across Staten Island, New York, New Jersey and the Tri-State area.

Today’s technology systems work together to help you achieve your business goals. Whether you are a restaurant or hotel owner, a facilities manager, or the technical director of a church, it makes sense to rely on one point-of-contact to design, integrate, and service your AV, lighting, and control systems.

Dara AV has the expertise and knowledge to be your one-stop shop for your commercial integration project. Our creative technology designs, personalized touch, and service-after-the-sale set us apart in Staten Island.

Do you need new a low-voltage lighting system and LED light control as an upgrade or as part of a complete technology integration?

LED Lighting that Connects with Crestron

The right lighting system can integrate with your control system to make it easy to turn lights on and off or change the color temperature with just one touch.

As a certified Crestron programmer, Dara AV’s Jak Daragjati and his team of installers will seamlessly integrate your LED lighting, architectural lighting, and theatrical lighting with your Crestron control system for flexibility and ease-of-use.

Controlling your audio, video, lighting, and even HVAC systems and shading through the same interface, with the flexibility to use a hard-wired touchscreen or any mobile device, can help reduce costs and increase efficiency.