Authorized DirecTV Installation

What’s a restaurant or sports bar without sources to feed your HD screens?

If you’re running one of New York or New Jersey’s top sports bars, it’s critical that you can get all the games, all the time. DirecTV offers a variety of packages, including their popular NFL Sunday Ticket sports package, which allows you to do just that. DirecTV also gives customers access to a number of soccer (European football) games you may not be able to see anywhere else, college basketball and football, and much more.

Many of our clients opt for a combination of cable and DirecTV boxes in order to guarantee they can access all the sports programming they need for their customers. Best of all, by using a video matrix, you may be able to reduce your budget for sources by routing a signal to more than one screen off a single box. Rather than having one source for every screen, you can have one source for every two, three, four or more screens, depending on the size of your venue.


Neatly Installed, No Hanging Wires

One of the best parts of DirecTV (besides the vast choices in programming!) is that we can install the boxes in your equipment racks, out of view and away from customers’ hands, too. This means no ugly boxes and wires hanging from your walls or ceiling… just clean, sleek, streamlined HDTV or UHDTV screens mounted straight, with wires tucked neatly behind the monitor and out of view, then run through conduit in the walls or ceiling straight to your rack.

We can tell you that we’ve seen venues where wires hung like spaghetti from sources and screens. Keep the pasta on your customers’ plates, instead, because it doesn’t get any cleaner than a Dara AV DirecTV installation.


Licensed and Authorized for More than a Decade

Our team has more than a decade of experience with DirecTV installations, which means we have the expertise to get it right. Not every audio visual integrator is also a DirecTV installer. Many have to subcontract the work to DirecTV reps, which means dealing with yet another firm. We do all the work ourselves, so you maintain one point-of-contact throughout your project.

Renovating or building a new sports bar, restaurant, nightclub or hospitality venue is difficult enough, and means dealing with a host of different contractors, from your general contractor to painters and electricians. Why add another company that you don’t know into the mix? Instead, trust Dara AV to do the job right based on more than 10 years of expertise.


Service After-the-Sale

If you should ever have a problem with your DirecTV box or connection, you don’t have to battle phone menus, or wonder who you’re speaking with on the other end of the line. Instead, simply call Dara AV for prompt, friendly and efficient service-after-the-sale.

We know your business runs, in large part, on the quality of your programming, and having a screen down during prime business hours is just not acceptable. That’s why we answer service calls any time, day or night, to get your systems back up and running quickly, whether it means re-routing a connection or replacing a DirecTV box for you.

Are you ready to experience the ultimate in sports programming and more? Contact us now for your DirecTV options.